Ameriprise Bank, FSB (Ameriprise) and Embrace Home Loans, Inc. (Embrace) have formed a partnership that will allow Ameriprise to help more clients in more ways with mortgage financing.

Mortgage products and services will be provided by Embrace. Ameriprise is not a mortgage lender and does not offer, make, or arrange mortgage financing. It is not affiliated with Embrace and exercises no control over Embrace.

Through this partnership, Embrace provides educational and informational services related to the residential real estate finance industry to guide Ameriprise advisors, and their clients. Embrace will also allow Ameriprise clients who apply for a loan with Embrace to, if they provide consent, more easily involve their Ameriprise advisor in the mortgage application process (such as for advice on how mortgage loan financing impacts their financial planning or investment strategies). In exchange, Embrace receives advertising exposure from the distribution of those educational and informational materials and through other sources.

Ameriprise may also purchase the loans originated by Embrace for Ameriprise clients, allowing Ameriprise to service the client's mortgage account and in a manner that is integrated with the Ameriprise client experience. Neither Ameriprise nor Embrace can guarantee that any particular client's loan will be transferred to, or serviced by, Ameriprise.

While Ameriprise selected Embrace in part because of its proven track record of providing high levels of customer service, neither Ameriprise nor its advisors can recommend or endorse Embrace or any other specific mortgage lender. While Ameriprise may receive financial benefits upon purchasing your mortgage loan from Embrace, Ameriprise clients are not required to use Embrace and are free to shop. Ameriprise encourages all clients to independently research whether Embrace is the best mortgage lender for their unique needs. When shopping for a mortgage loan, Embrace may be a good place to start, but it is always smart to get a quote from two or more other mortgage lenders for comparison.